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“Inspire Your Community” Podcast Supports The Bra Project

“Inspire Your Community,” a philanthropic podcast series launched by Chris Tilton of the Dewitt Tilton Group, will turn its spotlight and its $1,000 donation to The Bra Project this October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Bra Project is sponsored by the Pinnacle Medical Group to benefit DragonBoat Beaufort and its mission to support area cancer survivors. This marks the fifth year in which The Bra Project has invited high school students to custom-design bras for submission in a traveling art show as part of a competition for best-designed bra. Art classes from Hilton Head, May River and Bluffton high schools participated in this year’s Project.

The student-designed bras have been featured in a tour of Beaufort County stores and healthcare facilities, including Pinnacle Plastic Surgery in Bluffton, throughout the month of October collecting votes from the public. The winner was announced at “Bras & Bubbly,” a finale event that also featured a silent auction of pieces donated by local artists with a breast cancer story of their own to share.

Tilton, one of two principals at the Dewitt Tilton Group commercial construction firm, launched his monthly “Inspire Your Community” podcast earlier this year to share true and inspiring stories of local efforts to improve the community. His hope is that such stories will inspire others to perform random acts of kindness or to be proactive about problem solving in the face of adversity. The Dewitt Tilton Group’s donations to help grow each featured cause have been a part of the podcast since its inception.

“The Bra Project operates on so many immensely beneficial levels,” said Tilton. “It raises money to support local cancer survivors and it gets young people involved in an important issue, all the while tackling a serious subject in a lighthearted and life-affirming way, which is just what we’re looking for with ‘Inspire Your Community.’

The “Inspire Your Community” podcast continues to look for uplifting and inspiring stories from our local community. To nominate a cause of your choice to be featured on the podcast and receive a donation from the Dewitt Tilton Group, email

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