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Preciball USA Opens Distribution Center in Pooler

Preciball USA, the world leader in the manufacturing and supply of industrial ball bearings, became the newest Pooler resident on Tuesday as officials cut the ribbon to the company’s new North American distribution center in the Westside Business Park on Highway 80.

Don Peak, vice president of Preciball USA first relocated the center to the Georgetown area in 2010, where he rented a smaller building. Preciball currently occupies about half of the 40,000 square-foot building with two other businesses leasing the remaining space, but Peak expects the growth to continue.

“This facility is unique for several reasons, one is that it’s obviously larger and when I designed it to house us for the next 10 to 20 years,” Peak said.

“As we grow and those leases expire we’ll start to push forward to the other sections of the building,” he said.

The new Pooler facility will distribute the ball bearings, which are mostly manufactured in Belgium, across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The ball bearings are used in variety of products including, ball point pens, cans of spray paint, nail polish bottles, cabinet hardware and within the automotive industry.

Along with high-efficiency warehouse lighting, HVAC equipment, dock-high loading doors and dock levelers the building also features translucent pa

neling throughout to optimize natural lighting. The building took just over a year to complete and was constructed by Dewitt Tilton Group of Savannah.

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