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What’s Trending in Commercial Construction

The past two years have been turbulent times for everyone including those working in the commercial construction industry. Like so many impacted by the economy, commercial builders have been confronted with enormous challenges since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with supply chain issues, the rising cost of materials, tightening restrictions and a serious shortage of qualified workers, commercial builders like the Dewitt Tilton Group have proven that resiliency is a key factor to long term success. Staying ahead of national trends and overcoming these obstacles are key aspects that set the Dewitt Tilton Group apart from the rest of the commercial builders in the Coastal Empire and beyond.

One design trend that we’re seeing in the commercial construction industry is sustainable building design. Commercial building designers have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact construction can have on a community. Using long lasting materials can help minimize the need for constant repairs and replacement. Another growing trend is designing structures that incorporate the use of recycled materials or reclaimed wood to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. We’re seeing more and more customers incorporate these sustainable materials in their building projects.

Here’s a hot trend right now that you may not have heard of: Greenscaping. This is the practice of outfitting rooftops with plant coverings. Not only does Greenscaping benefit the environment, but studies show this low-cost initiative has a positive psychological and physiological impact on community members.

Although utilizing renewable energy is not a new trend, installing solar panels in industrial parks, shopping centers, hospitals, and warehouses can lower overhead costs by reducing the use of electricity. The use of solar panels can optimize energy and save power: it’s not only a win for the environment, but it’s good for the bottom line.

Finally, one trend that has seen dramatic growth during the pandemic is the need for more outdoor space. People are seeking more open areas to gather and minimize the fear of contracting germs. This trend has led to rooftops and patios being transformed into functional, and oftentimes beautiful, gathering spaces. Companies have also found added benefits in incorporating more green spaces, adding large skylights, and installing sound insulation. These modifications make for a more relaxed working environment, while simultaneously increasing productivity.

The Dewitt Tilton Group is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to using the latest technology that’s available. Whether it’s the utilization of robotic construction “mules” to efficiently move construction materials into place, or using drones to survey and map sites, you can count on the Dewitt Tilton Group to harness the power of technology to ensure that every detail of your project is the best it can be.

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