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Selecting the location for your next commercial or industrial project has never been easier!

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We guide you through the entire design-build process. We can help you find land and coordinate with banks and realtors to help you get the site you desire. Once you have the location, we will help you create a custom design for your building in Coastal Georgia, South Carolina and across the U.S. with Star Building Systems. Already have plans for the building of your dreams? Dewitt Tilton Group will bring them to life! We will help with the selection of all building materials, systems, and finishes to suit your vision and goals. 

We will help you with the permit process by working closely with governments and building officials ensuring compliance with all codes. We will act as your advocate and attend Planning Commission on your behalf.

We will sit with you and review your budget and goals with you to get your project started out on the right foot with plans to suit your vision and goals. All within your set budget. 



Dewitt Tilton Group handles your construction with precision project management to ensure that you stay on schedule and on budget. We will have ongoing meetings with appropriate officials and site inspectors while maintaining momentum with regular site visits and supervision and coordination of all contractors and tradespeople.

We handle everything for your building from the ground up

•  Demolition

•  Site Preparation

•  Construction 

•  Landscaping

•  Parking Lot or Structures 



When the project nears completion, we walk you through the building to create a punch list of details. We take pride in the fact that punch lists are shorter than many other builders. We go above and beyond for our client in the walkthrough even walking the electrical plan to ensure all plug and switches are completely customized for you! We also help you obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and ensure compliance with all local, national, and state laws and codes. All of this with you as the focus!


We will do more than just help you cut the ribbon on your project - we walk you through to show you how to operate everything and establish regular maintenance of key systems, such as HVAC and irrigation systems. We also track warranties on your behalf and provide service after the sale. We are always one call away! Once you are a Dewitt Tilton client, you are always a client, and we will be here to help at any point in the future. 

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